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Our Multi Vendor Ecommerce All Fetured For You!

Our team will ensure to combine the technical process and creative process together to develop a great website for your business which will be visually appealing and professional giving significant results while meeting all your expectations.

One of the most important aspects during the whole process will be to manage the timeline schedule and to ensure that the agreed timelines are followed in every phase of the project. Details of key activities and deliverables of every phase will be shared with Your Company to ensure it matches the requirements. Based on approval, the next phase of the project will begin.

The project will have below phases:

  • Initial Mockup Designing (Proposal Stage)
  • Front-end designing (After Quotation Approved)
  • Functionality Development
  • Bugs and Error Correction
  • Real-time testing – Client Side
  • Handover

SEO (Search Engine Optimize)

  • Website SEO Friendly Configration
  • Dynamic Alt tag, meta tag, SEO tile, SEO description

Payment getaway

  • Online auto payment getaway
  • EMI set-up
  • Manual payment getaway

Manual payment getaway

  • bKash
  • Rocket
  • Manual payment getaway

SMS getaway setup

  • Sign-up SMS
  • Order conformation SMS
  • Others

Social Setup

  • Social Login
  • Social Registration


  • Initial Mockup Design will be provided in JPEG format or as snapshots
  • Based on the initial design approval, we will work on the actual design of the website. The actual design will be implemented on HTML, css3 with the bootstrap framework as a Frontend design.
  • We will create the frontend design for all the required pages and it will be presented to Your Company. Any modifications requirements shall be worked upon.

Programming and Technologies

  • The whole website will be based on PHP as the core language (Laravel).
  • The backend database will be in MySQL.
  • The Frontend pages will be developed in html5, CSS, JavaScript, Ajax and jQuery.


  • The website will be developed Based on the project planning.
  • Web Site will be programmed using PHP language with custom coded.
  • The functionalities and web pages are scalable and can be extended when they needed.
  • The website will be developed by consideration of SEO Compatibility and W3C standards.
  • Website’s Coding will be, well documented and well-structured, easy to understand for future modifications or changes.
  • Frontend sliders will be loaded with JavaScript

Admin Panel Features:


User-friendly Administrator dashboard with Features and Characteristics for better Site Management

Vendor Management:

  • Vendor Approve/ edit/delete/suspend
  • Vendor products Approve/ edit/delete/suspend
  • To maintain all the accounts of the vendor
  • Set the percentage of commission to be taken from the vendor

Product post:

  • All Products- edit, delete
  • Add Product
  • Regular Price
  • Sell Price (Optional)
  • Product Discount
  • Purchase Price
  • Unit Quantity
  • Stock Quantity
  • Unit Weight
  • Stock management
  • Publish Status
  • Hot Deal
  • Offer One
  • Product Featured Images
  • Product multi Images
  • Category
  • Sub Category Categories
  • Attributes

All Products

  • Delete product
  • Delete product


  • Add categories, sub categories
  • Delete categories
  • Edit categories, update categories


  • Add attributes
  • Delete attributes
  • Edit attributes, update attributes

Orders Managements

  • Pending Orders
  • Confirmed Orders
  • Shipped Orders
  • Delivered Orders
  • Cancelled Orders
  • Returned Orders
  • Undelivered Orders
  • Paid Orders
  • Unpaid Orders

Report System

  • Order Report
  • Product Report
  • Payments Reports
  • Vendor Payment Reports


  • Accept reviews
  • Pending reviews


  • All Pages
  • Add page
  • Delete page
  • Edit page, update page

Delivery Services

  • Delivery Team
  • Delivery Courier

Administrator Users

  • Admin User
  • User Role

Customer Users

  • Customer Name, Email, Phone number and address etc.

Home Slider

  • Slider image upload, delete, edit

Menu Setting

  • Setup menu

General Setting

  • Logo change(As discussed), Language: Bangla and English ,Phone number change, Meta keyword (, / keyword), Meta Description, Google Verified Content (xxxxxx)

Vendor Panel Features:

Registration/ Login/ password reset

  • Email/Mobile Login
  • Social Registration /login
  • Phone verification
  • Inportant Document

Product Uploard

  • All Products- edit, delete
  • Add Product
  • Regular Price
  • Sell Price (Optional)
  • Product Discount
  • Purchase Price
  • Unit Quantity
  • Stock Quantity
  • Unit Weight
  • Stock management
  • Publish Status
  • Hot Deal
  • Offer One
  • Product Featured Images
  • Product multi Images
  • Category
  • Sub Category Categories
  • Attributes

Order Received

  • Pending Items
  • Confirmed Items
  • Shipped Items
  • Delivered Items
  • Cancelled Items
  • Returned Items
  • Undelivered Items
  • Paid Items
  • Unpaid Items

Payment Settlement

  • The admin will pay the vendor after the specified amount.
  • All payment information on the network will be stored

Store Profile

  • Update information: Name, Shop Name, Shop details, Email, Address, Phone number, Password. (can be change
  • Business Information
  • Bank Documents Details
  • Vendor Warehouse information

Finance Report

  • Vendor Releace Balance Withdrawal Request
  • Pendding Request Invoice Report
  • Completed Payment Report
  • 7 Day Return Balance

Customer Panel Features:

Registration/ Login/ password reset

  • Email/Mobile Login
  • Social Registration /login
  • Phone verification

Manage My Account

  • Update information: Name, Email, Address, Phone number, Password. (can be change)
  • Address Book - Show address information
  • Change Password

My Orders

  • My All Orders
  • Order Status Pending, Confirmed , On Delivery, Completed
  • Show Order Details Invoice
  • All Status Time show
  • Payment Status

Return & Cancellations

  • Return and Cancel Orders
  • Return Resions show

My Review

  • All Review List
  • Review status
  • Review View

Balance Wallet

  • Balance Wallet Ammount Show
  • Balance Transection Show
  • Balance Add By payment Method

App Android & IOS (API Based)

  • Easy sign-up process
  • Super-fast checkout
  • Sending push notifications
  • Offline functionality
  • Allow reviews of your app
  • Advanced search capability
  • Customer wishlists
  • Effortless log in
  • A selection of payment options
  • In-store features
  • Detailed product information
  • Available to review orders
  • Managing orders and returns
  • Personalized user experience
  • Customer service support

Our Deals Fetured

SEO Compatibility

  • While developing the website, we will use a structured approach to represent your business and the services you provide in the best possible way which will allow the search engine to easily crawl and easily understand the content
  • For better crawling and accessibility, we will focus on the indexation and link structure. We will use a sensible naming convention with the keywords for the URLs to make them more SEO friendly. • Effective navigation is one of the most important parts of website usability. Your website will be well-structured and easy to navigate for the users to access the relevant information with good search features, good internal linking, informative headers and footers. • Mobile-friendly design for your website. We will give equal consideration to the mobile layout of your website as most of your prospective customers will use mobiles to search for and browse your website. From the SEO perspective, mobile friendliness is a confirmed ranking factor for mobile search. We will work to optimize the experience of mobile users for more traffic and engagement
  • Another important consideration will be the page speed. A customer could be impatient or might not always have a great data connection. We will optimize the website for mobile-friendliness, mobile speed and desktop speed.
  • For usability, various factors will be combined together – page layout, visual hierarchy, home page, site navigation, site search, great design. We will consider HTML title tags, Meta description tags and Heading tags for better usability
  • We will work on image optimization. Unique/relevant images, with a high-quality format, reduced sizes and a concise caption.


  • All data stored in the database will be fully encrypted.
  • Basic Database Schema will be encrypted as per MD5 Meta Encryption method.
  • By developing the website through PHP (Laravel), the website will have high- level security.
  • We follow OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) principles.
  • Before we deliver the project and while inside the maintenance period the whole website will be monitored, and files & coding will be scanned regularly.
  • We build 13-layered anti-injection codes for high-end security.

Website Maintenance Support

  • Initial Maintenance duration of 3 months is included with the Website Development package. Required additional years can be purchased with NFINITY8.
  • Maintenance will include solving any future errors on the website, optimization issues, slow loading issues due to any website’s files or coding other than web hosting issues.
  • Any update or maintenance will be informed a day before implementation in case the task has any Downtime.
  • Website support/maintenance responsible for any bugs or issues only. New features or ideas implementation or modifications/changes will not consider as support.
  • NFINITY8 will be having the full administrator rights, while we are IN contract for maintaining your website, to avoid any technical issues, we will provide Editor Access or Content Admin Rights only to the user.


  • The website migration from testing server to live server will be done by our team
  • The website live implementation will be done after all the tests are done
  • After the implementation, we will do the website optimization


Testing is a critical part of our quality control process that allows us to make sure your website works correctly for every user, no matter where they are or what device they use to access your website.

  • The website will be fully tested on our end, for bugs and usability issues.
  • We will ensure the website works in multiple browsers, different sized monitors and cross-platform devices.
  • We will ensure the website works in multiple browsers, different sized monitors and cross-platform devices.
  • The testing will be done with our testing team using W3 standards and in-house checklist.
  • AB testing will be done by our testing team to ensure the navigations and page continuities works properly.
  • Website testing by Client
  • Website will be presented to Your Company to test the web pages, navigations and front end.
  • The temporary website for testing will be available on client testing URL with password protected access.
  • We will test with the client to fix any UI/UX issues and improvements of the website.