How to Bypass Natore-IT WordPress Login Security?

How to Bypass Natore-IT WordPress Login Security?

Natore-IT servers have wordpress brute-force protection, so you may see a POPUP Authorization box to provide “admin” as your username and password, so the real wp-login.php will be shown.

However, you can easily off “POPUP Authorization box”. Just add the following lines in the “.htaccess” under public_html folder.

Note: If you don’t show .htaccess file

  1. See right-top “setting” click here
  2. ✓ Click “Show Hidden Files (dotfiles)”
  3. Click “save”


<FilesMatch "wp-login.php">
AuthType None
require all granted

This will do the job! No more pop-up authorization box for wp-login.php access!

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